Areas of Expertise


Counselling is a form of therapy which allows for a client to have their own space to explore certain aspects of their life that they feel are distressing. I view counselling as a personal space for the client where they can use the psychologist as a sounding board on the problems they are facing. Often, this may be all we need, a place where our story can be heard and where we can make sense of it for ourself. It is a space where the client can take the lead to explore and having an encouraging expert to psycho-educate on individualised skills and techniques for individualised problems. 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

CBT is a directive therapeutic approach that works with specific goals that we would come up with together. I view it as a collaborative approach where the client and psychologist work together in forming an individualised treatment plan. This plan will be focussed on understanding the clients thoughts, feelings and related behaviours. CBT emphasises and encourages the importance of you gaining specific knowledge (through psycho-education, homework giving, goal setting and skills workbooks) to resolve your problems. This treatment process allows you to form your own individualised 'therapy manual' with techniques, strategies and skill that suit your personality, way of coping and processing, and allows you to take this into the future for any other dips or challenges. 

Integrative Psychotherapy

There are some problems that anyone would struggle to get through. As a psychologist, I believe that there is sometimes a need for an expert in the field to overcome psychological distresses that individuals may have. Therapy is a space for individuals facing big, longstanding, and complicated distresses. 

My integrative approach stems from psychodynamic, schema, and mindfulness-based modalities to create an integrative therapy which is tailored to the client and their very individualised and specific distresses and difficulties. As an empathetic psychologist, I work with you in understanding your thoughts and feelings, potential behavioural patterns and emotional triggers. We work together in exploring and understanding your emotions and in turn, getting you to a happier, more balanced place. 

Fee Schedule:

Initial Session: £150

Follow up Session £150